Olympics Coming to RHCCDC

July 22, 2018 by rhccdaycamp

RHCC Day Camp will be hosting our own Summer Olympics this Wednesday, July 25th & Thursday, July 26th .

Below is a list of all the cabins and their team colours.  Please send your child to camp wearing the corresponding colour to represent their team.

Cabin Country Colour
Grizzlies 1 Italy Green
Tiggers 1 Sweden Yellow
Tiggers 2 Canada Red
Tiggers 3 Greece Blue
Coyotes 1 Canada Red
Coyotes 2 Italy Green
Coyotes 3 Greece Blue
Jaguars 1 Canada Red
Jaguars 2 Italy Green
Jaguars 3 Sweden Yellow
Jaguars 4 Sweden Yellow
Cheetahs 1 Italy Green
Cheetahs 2 Greece Blue
Cheetahs 3 Sweden Yellow
Cheetahs 4 Canada Red
Cheetahs 5 Greece Blue
Sports 1 Canada Red
Sports 2 Greece Blue
CIT Unit head to inform campers



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